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Welcome to
Eris's Crypt of Unrest

opened on: 8-15-1999
updated: 5-16-00

I can't update because there is really nothing new to say about Eris-sama. Please contribute pics, fanart and fan fiction.

This page is to serve as a reminder to all those who think that Lina Inverse, Gourry Gabriev, and Zelgadis are heroes and yet the before mentioned did nothing to help the lovelorn Eris before her demise from the anime world and the slayers.

I will see to it that you are never forgotten...Oh beatiful flower.
See my links dedicated to misinterpeted and seldom appreciated character in all of slayers.

Polls are Eris spoilers
Nothing is spoiled if you've seen up to ep 23
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About Eris
Why I Like and Admire Eris(warning: spoilers)
Why I call Eris an Anti-Villianess
Eris's Eulogy (warning: spoilers)
Eris Related Fan-fiction
Picture Gallery #1 Picture Gallery #2 Picture Gallery #3
Eris and Rezo Picture
Eris and Rezo Picture 2
Eris Fan Art
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