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Eris's Eulogy

Eris was a kind, young woman whose love for life was eclisped by the love of one man, Rezo. She wandered the land with Rezo, helping those with needs greater than her own.

However the one thing that Eris and Rezo coulldn't cure was Rezo's blindness. Eris hated to see the man she loved in pain and despaair. But the thing that hurt her the most is when Rezo left her to search for a cure for his eyes thhat wouldn't open. She never saw him again.

When she had learnned of his death she swore a failed revenge at the cost of her life by the hands of a copy of the man she had loved.

She did not know that Shabringdo was reborn withen Rezo then was killed by the wanna-be heroes, Lina, Gourry, and Zel.

So she began her quest for revenge.

She had made a copy of Rezo, a sorcerer as well as a hired swordsman to go out and bring the muderers back for punishment for as she thought were the one who killed her love.

When the supposed "heroes" came face to face with Eris they failed to mention that Shabrigdo was reborn withen Rezo and had to be destroyed to keep peace to the world.

Then Eris died by the Copy Rezo's hand when the Demon Beast Zanifar was about to be reborn. The copy Rezo had betrayed his creator so that he could merge with the Demon Beast Zanifar and become even more powerful then the original.

So I say to you Ladies and Genntlemen. It was not Rezo who killed Eris but it was the "Heroes" for not telling Eris what happend to Rezo, the man she loved.

It was the "Heroes" who didn't heal Eris for the cause of good.

For if they did she would not have sought revenge or have died.

If they did heal heal her she could have fought agaisnt the copy Rezo. But they didn't.

And for what became Eris, she was wiped of the plain of existence. Why... Because of the "supposed heroes" were/are self centered and are just your basic villians.

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