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PK People

Welcome to the PK People web site. This site is to introduce you to the people who chat in #ParentsKitchen on Starchat, to let you see who you are chatting with. Scary thought, isn't it?
So much has been said in the media about how dangerous the internet is. PK is a chat room that flies in the face of this image. The people there are friendly, open, and willing to welcome any newcomer at face value.

So here they are, the chatters of PK (in the order we received them)...

LawnElf Fantasia Lib
Jeano Clard Toutz
Errin1 Jas Mom4boyz
Foxinsox Momofdani Sdenney
Zaida Carolmana Tootsie
Ashmark Kelcee LuAnn
Norbie Blueyes Dennie
Foofee Star36 Petunia
Wendy Cooper Farmwife
Tigger Desiree Bron

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Everyone needs a little fun in their lives!

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