As most of you probably already know, Ani DiFranco is my other great
passion in life. She's absolutely wonderful, and something totally different.
I wish i could describe her by simply typing something out, but that is just
beyond impossible. To know her, you HAVE to hear her. Unfortunately,
there aren't any midi files of Ani out there on the net (unless I'm just not
looking hard enough), so this page won't be *exactly* like my Tori web page,
but I *am* continuously working on this, so please bear with me.... This
one is going to be a little sparse for a while, but I promise to put up many
piccies and links very soon, since I've downloaded *tons* tonight.

Thanks for visiting! Oh, and if you've never heard of Ani - just pick up one
of her albums from somewhere, anywhere, and give her a chance.
You may be surprised.

Click here for Ani's tour dates so far!

Click 'N' Go!...Ani style.

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