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Personnel Profiles and Tactical Doctrine

For Information on High Threat Response Teams which serve as backup units.

All Griffin Archtypes are considered Equal NPCs.

Archtype - Griffin Bodyguard
HTR Team Member Archtype - Close Combat Specialist
Archtype - Griffin Decker
Archtype - Griffin Fighter Pilot
Archtype - Griffin Heavy Infantry
HTR Team Member Archtype - Heavy Weapon Specialist
Archtype - Griffin Krand Mage
Archtype - Griffin Labor Operator
Archtype - Griffin Mr. Johnson
HTR Team Member Archtype - HTR Rigger
Archtype - Griffin Security Guard
HTR Team Member Archtype - Sniper

All Archtypes, with the exception of the Delta Boys (below), are considered Equal NPCs. Veteran personnel are considered Superior NPCs and have a +1 bonus to all skills and attributes. Elite personnel are considered Superhuman NPCs and have a +2 bonus to all attributes and a +3 to all skills. Increase karma pool by one point per level (i.e. +1 for Veteran and +2 for Elite).

Veteran Special Forces Unit The Delta Boys

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