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The band: MockingBirds.

Photo by Michelle Phoenix

The MockingBirds are a Rhode Island based Rock / Pop / Alternative Band, with a tiny twinge of Country twang. They mix the energy of Rock and the craftsmanship of Pop with social and political commentary. 

Kenneth Cardoso, Heather Rose, Buzz Lyon, and Kevin Berard are four white kids from the suburbs in love with music, it's stories, and the history. From Robert Johnson running from the hellhounds, to the echo of the chain gang in LeadBelly's voice. From how Elvis changed the world, to how the Beatles changed it again. How you looked differently at the world and yourself after listening to Dylan for the first time. The excitement to imagine a mass of people getting together one weekend in 1969 to listen to music, hangout, dropout, and say screw you. Awed to see the Clash and Elvis Costello not be afraid of the decade that preceded them. And happy to see U2, REM, and the Replacements not be afraid of the decade they were in. And proud to be a part of the last gasp of rock 'n' roll when Cobain screamed the lyrics to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with the explosions from Athens to Seattle and LA to Boston.

Today we are sad sometimes, annoyed most times, but always optimistic. Always looking for the jangle in Kenny's guitar, the hymn in Heather's voice, the McCartney in Buzz's bass, and the dance in Kevin's drums. Bring on the new.

For more info call:
Kenneth Cardoso (401)334-2450