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All I’ve Ever Waned (BSB) - Brian's never told anyone the truth about his sexuality or his feelings for his best friend. The only person that knows is Mackenzie, an ex-girlfriend who is still unwillingly in love with him … (Slash)

Fade Away (BSB) - Kevin looks back and finally says goodbye … (Slash)

Just One Kiss (BSB) - Nick won't give up on his quest to seduce his best friend … (Slash)

Lead The Way (BSB) - Best friends...closer than most, but afraid to go too far. Can they find a way to be together or will life pull them apart? (Slash/AU)

Summer Of Love (BSB/NSYNC) - Brian/Justin visual (Slash)

Wasting My Time (BSB) - Kevin's been played by a pretty face. What happens when he finds out the pretty face is now famous? (Slash)

Updated 05.30.04

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