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Angel (NKOTB) - She's sent to help Joe get over the loss of the love of his life...but soon the Angel realizes it won't be that easy.

Community Service (NSYNC) - A walk for charity leads Jen and Kendra to so much more.

Friends With Benefits (NKOTB) - You and Joe are friends...with special benefits. How in the world will you tell him that you want it to be something more?

Hard Habit To Break (NSYNC) - Sequel to Paradise By The Dashboard Lights

Mistaken Identities (NKOTB) - When Jen agrees to change places with Amy for her blind date, she has no idea that the date is with Joe McIntyre.

Paradise By The Dashboard Lights (NSYNC) - Alex and Justin meet at a party and become friends . . can they finally see that they could be so much more?

Rawhide (NKOTB) - When your friend drags you to a tourist trap on what you feel is the hottest day ever, you never dreamt you’d meet Joe McIntyre.

Second Chances (NKOTB) - A “Quantum Leap” into the future and help from a special friend allows Jen to change an awful night and her future life.

Wildest Dreams (NKOTB) - When Jen and Steph get to meet Jordan Knight it turns into an awesome adventure.

Updated 09.18.01

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