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A Helping Hand (NSYNC) - Chris deals with high school, annoying classmates and being poor.

Be My Slave (NSYNC) - Josh has a secret. Justin thinks he knows what that secret is but he isn’t sure and to him there is only one reason to find out; be my slave. (Slash)

Criminal With A Past (NSYNC) - Josh is on his way home from vacation with his two year old son. When they stop at a gas station a stranger by the name of Justin steps in the car and orders him to go as he points a gun in Josh’s direction. What is this man’s story? What did he do? What is his crime and what does he want? (Slash)

Don’t Hurt Me (NSYNC) - Josh is a thief. Lance tries to help despite all the warnings and threats but will Josh let him? Can he help him? What happens when Josh’s stepfather forces him to betray the only person who cares about him? Will he take the safe way out and obey his stepfather or does his heart get a say in it? (Slash)

Favouritism (NSYNC) - Josh is the victim of favouritism in high school.

Life On The Move (NSYNC) - Justin is always on the move and he doesn’t have a lot of friends. Actually he doesn’t want to make friends anymore. But what happens when someone persists to be his friend or maybe even more. Will Justin let him although knowing he will have to move again? (Slash)

Love To Hate (NSYNC) - Josh is rich, cocky and spoiled. Justin works in a hotel and becomes Josh's personal assistant. They hate each other but you know what they say: There is a fine line between love and hate … (Slash)

Lucky To Be Loved (NSYNC) - Justin discovers just how lucky he is when he meets Josh. Although Justin’s life could have been better he realizes just how much he has got in comparison to Josh. (Slash)

Playing In The Bathtub (NSYNC) - Stacy and Lance make a mess and suffer for it.

Punishable Love (NSYNC) - JC is a slave and Sam is a princess, their love for one another is a crime but nothing can change the feelings they have for each other. Not even a jealous sister or a stubborn king.

Rescue Me (NSYNC) - Josh and Justin are both in a terrible stage in their young lives. Help is what they both need, help to maybe pull them out of their current position. And who knows, maybe they’ll get more than they bargained for. Sometimes beautiful things grow out of the painful experiences in life … (Implied Slash)

Trapped (NSYNC) - Josh is in a relationship with a rich and powerful girl but finds himself trapped in her love when he tries to leave her. “When you hurt my sister, I will hurt your brother.” Will he fight the demands knowing it could bring his brother Justin in danger or will he allow them to trap him?

The Accusation (NSYNC) - Josh is being accused of rape, see what he deals with when the accusation pops up and in a small town where news travels fast. But the big question is, is the accusation true or not?

The Real Me (NSYNC) - Ever since Justin went solo he’s changed and his friends are not afraid to tell him this and remind him of the real Justin Timberlake.

Unwanted Son In Law (NSYNC) - Josh is the unwanted son in law in Justin’s family where a poor boy from the wrong side of town is simply not welcome. Especially not when according to Justin’s father he turns their son into a gay son. How far will Howard Timberlake go to keep Josh out of his son’s life and how far will Justin go to keep Josh in his life? (Slash)

Your Worst Nightmare (NSYNC) - Justin’s worst nightmare seems to come to life… (Slash)

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