Your Worst Nightmare

By:  Chantal

Without a care in the world you pad over to the bathroom. You grab some towels on the way before you strip out of your pajamas. You turn on the shower, letting the water flow, sticking your hand in to feel if it’s the right temperature. You wait for a few extra seconds before you step in, satisfied with the warm flow of the water. You let the water run down your body, you close your eyes to enjoy it just a little more, feeling the soothing hot water running down your long thin body, water falling down your chest and your legs.

You bring your head back to wet the curls you hate so much. Blindly you grab for your shampoo, peeking one eye open to make sure it really is the shampoo you were looking for. You used the wrong one before and it had tangled your hair in the worst way. As you soap up your curls and massage your scalp, downstairs someone prepares to enter your house. The stranger picks the lock open and has no trouble getting inside, closing the door behind him silently.

You hum to yourself as you continue to massage your scalp. The splattering water and the humming attracts attention as the man silently pads upstairs, a grin spreading across his face as he comes closer.

You tilt your head back again, rinsing out the soap, taking your time as the footsteps stop in front of the bathroom door. As you continue to hum to yourself while rinsing out the last bit of soap in your hair the door to the bathroom opens slowly. You are too busy with the task at hand and the water splattering plus your humming; you don’t hear someone entering your bathroom.

You shake you head, water flying from your curls; satisfied you reach for a towel to wipe the water from your eyes. As you bring the towel to your face, the man steps directly in front of you. All that separates you is the shower curtain you grabbed around to pick up your towel. Your eyes open slowly and as you take in the strange shadow in front of you the figure pulls away the curtain. Now standing face to face you drop the towel in fright, startled as the man raises his arm, his elbow on shoulder height, his hand just above his head.

You watch how the man brings the knife closer and closer to your body, it seems to come at you in slow motion and all you can manage is,


“Justin!” a voice urged.

Justin shot up, breathing heavily, tears in his eyes. As he focused he saw two very concerned eyes staring back at him.

“It was just a dream baby”

“Oh Josh” Justin breathed scared to death, he was still shaking. Josh quickly opened his arms and let Justin snuggle against him. He hid himself from the world for a while; he knew the horror movie they’d seen before they went to bed hadn’t been a good idea.

“It’s okay, you’re safe” Josh soothed as he brushed one hand over his lover’s curls.

“Oh Josh, it was so real. I was so scared” he admitted, he knew he didn’t have to pretend with Josh. He knew he could tell him how scared he’d really been; Josh would never make fun of him, he’d love and support him always.

“What was it about baby?” Josh asked softly, Justin always wanted to talk about his nightmare, getting it off his chest so it wouldn’t keep haunting him. If he didn’t let it out it would linger in his mind.

“I... I woke up and went to take a shower. I was humming a little and washing my hair when someone entered the house and came up to the... bathroom. When I was finished I grabbed a ... towel and then I saw something; I saw this shadow behind the shower curtain. Suddenly the shower curtain got pulled back and... and there was this man...” Justin told his lover softly; Josh could feel him shiver.

“He had a knife and... and he... stabbed me”

“Oh baby” Josh said soothingly. He felt a little bad; it was a scene from the horror movie they’d watched together.

“I was so scared”

“I know, I know but you don’t have to, it’s not real. It was just a bad dream”

“I know” Justin nodded, speaking softly.

“But it was so real” he added even quieter.

“I know” Josh agreed again.

“No more horror movies for you baby” he added, knowing that had been the cause of the bad dream.

“Okay” Justin agreed easily, no whine.

Josh hid his smile; that was a first but he was still slightly shaking. Josh tightened his arms around his love. “You’re safe baby”

Justin let out a heavy breath. “I told you I didn’t want to watch it, that’s my worst nightmare” he argued a little.

“I’m sorry baby” Josh apologized, knowing that was what Justin wanted to hear; he wasn’t really angry.

Justin nodded against his chest.

“It was just so real” he whispered, he shuddered again but he knew he would be safe in Josh’s arms as he added once again,

“My worst nightmare”

The End


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