The Bossman

Height: 6'6''

Weight: 312 lbs.

Finishing move: The Bossman Slam

Titles held: 4x WWE Hardcore Champ, 1x WWE Tag Team Champ

Manager/Valet(s): Slick

Other Aliases: The Big Bossman, The Boss, The Man, The Guardian Angel, Big Bubba Rogers

Real Name: Ray Traylor

The Bossman first entered the WWF in 1989, when he teamed with Akeem to form The Twin Towers. They managed to beat The Rockers, at WrestleMania V, when the Bossman pinned Shawn Michaels! The Towers soon broke up, and a year later, at WrestleMania VI, the Bossman beat Akeem.

After that, the Bossman helped out Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam, by being in his corner against Earthquake, with Dino Bravo in his corner. He also teamed with Hulk at the Survivor Series, but was eliminated. By WrestleMania VII, he got an IC title shot against Mr. Perfect, and won by DQ when Bobby Heenan's group interfered. He wrestled The Mountie at SummerSlam, with the stipulation being the loser would have to spend the night in jail. After he won that, he feuded with Irwin R. Schyster, and was victoriously a part of the eight man tag at WrestleMania VIII, teaming with Virgil, Jim Duggan, and Sgt. Slaughter to take on The Nasty Boys, Repo Man, and The Mountie.

In May 1992, he was viciously attacked by Nailz, an ex-con. The storyline went that the Bossman had arrested Nailz years back, and had savagely beat him inside the prison, according to Nailz. It was never revealed what crime Nailz supposedly committed. He beat Nailz in a nightstick match at Survivor Series, and then lost to Bam Bam Bigelow at the Royal Rumble. After that, the Bossman disappeared from action in the WWF, later to resurface in WCW. After spending five years down south, the Bossman showed up on Raw in October 1998. While Steve Austin was brawling with The Undertaker and Kane , the Bossman came down and nailed Austin with the nightstick. He forged an alliance with Vince McMahon, acting as his bodyguard. At Survivor Series, Austin took on the Bossman in the first round of the WWF title tournament. Bossman was DQed for using the nightstick. Later on, when Triple H didn't show up for his match with The Rock , he came down as a last minute replacement and was beaten in four seconds. He went on to win the Hardcore Title from Mankind a week later in a ladder match, after help from The Rock. He and new Corporate Team member, The Undertaker wanted Bossman as the newest member of the Ministry of Darkness, but the Bossman managed to avoid him. They wrestled in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania XV, which Bossman lost, and he was hung from the cell by the Ministry. A month later, when the Corporation and the Ministry merged as The Corporate Ministry, the Bossman feuded with Test. When he lost an important match to Steve Austin just before King of the Ring, they kicked him out, but he made up with them the night after KOTR. Shane McMahon soon split up the Corporate Ministry and The Bossman wrestled Al Snow for the Hardcore Title at Fully Loaded, and won the belt. They had a rematch at SummerSlam, in which Al won the belt back. In the fall, the Bossman dognapped Al Snow's dog, Pepper. Al ended up eating his own dog after the Bossman cooked him, and Al went crazy. Soon after, the Bossman lost the Hardcore belt to The British Bulldog, who gave the belt back to Snow. Al, bent on revenge, set up the worst match in a long time: A Kennel From Hell Match, in which the ring was covered by a cage and the Cell, and the first one out of both would win. Snow won the match, but the Bossman won the Hardcore belt back a couple of weeks later in a Triple Threat match. In another stupid angle, the Bossman made fun of The Big Show's dad, who was supposedly dying of cancer. It culminated in a title shot for the Bossman at Armageddon, and he was squashed like a bug. He began teaming regularly with Albert, calling him his "apprentice." The team didn't last long when Albert teamed with Test.

Bossman brought in his friend Bull Buchanon and they beat The Godfather and D'lo Brown at WrestleMania 2000. They also managed to beat The Acolytes at Backlash. After that, they began to bicker and eventually broke up.

The Bossman went to the WWF developmental territories to work with the younger wrestlers and was absent from TV for the better part of a year and a half. He made his return in late 2001, helping Booker T in his feud with Steve Austin. Over the next few years, the Bossman pretty much retired from wrestling and began to get involved in politics in his hometown. Unfortunately, on September 22, 2004, he was found dead in his home at 42 years of age. The apparent cause of death was a massive heart attack.