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Lewd Record reviews

Hit List vol.1 , issue #6 , Jan / Feb 2000

Recorded live at the Mabuhay in '80,this legit rip-roaring live document of one of the best punk bands ever.They're introduced as being "from Seattle" , though I know they were living in San Francisco at the time. Sats on vox, Blobbo still on guitar, Bob Clic on bass, and Carl Socko on the drums.Pretty good sound - they sound a little ragged here and there, but , hey, that's punk rock. Besides, it was only Bob's second show with the band! Beyond faves like "Lewd Conduct", "Climate Of Fear", "Kill Yourself", "Trash Can Baby" and "I'm Not Pretty", they do great punked-out versions of the Sonics' "Boss Hoss" and Cher's "Bang Bang." (AW)
(Vampir / 37 Western Ave. / Mansfield,OH 44906-2624)

Maximum Rock"N"Roll issue #199

The Lewd - "Lewd Conduct In A Public Place"
Truth to tell,I wasn't looking forward to reviewing this LP,as my dim recollection of the LEWD was of a rather unextraordinary band.Whether I'm falling victim to the lure of the jasmine-scented past(uh,ahem) or my tastes have gotten broader in my old age(what are the odds of that?).I actually rather enjoyed this live LP(even though it suffers a low guitar volume,as is typical of board tapes). As with a lot of shows of the general era I recollect,the cover songs( in this case, the SONICS' "Boss Hoss" and SONNY BONO's "Bang Bang") tend to stand out as better crafted than the originals and the performance has some loose moments, but it's a worthy (and entertaining) document. (DD)
( Vampir, 37 Western Ave., Mansfield,OH 44906-2624)

Shredding Paper Vol 5


Lewd - "Lewd conduct In A Public Place ! " 12 / 35:00 +

This Bay area punk band was recorded live at Mabuhay Gardens in March of 1980. The band lineup was Sats, Blobbo, Carl, and Bob Clic. It's a real good quality recording and makes a good addition to their recently rereleased studio material. Songs include "Trash Can Baby", I'm Not Pretty", "Kill Yourself", the title track and more. Mel
@ Vampir, 37 Western Ave., Mansfield,OH 44906-2624.

Internet review

Not really from San Francisco yet(they are still in Seattle and haven't moved),but it's THE Lewd. The LP is a limited edition of 500 ( 100 of those on red vinyl ) from Vampir records - actually Terry Hammer recorded a bunch of shows in the early '80's at the Mabuhay Gardens ( and other places ) in S.F. and this is one of the better sounding shows so he put it on vinyl. There are 12 songs ( including a Sonics and Cher covers ). Good oldschool punk rock - reminds me a lot of old D.O.A. ( Bloodied But Unbowed years ). Be sure to buy this one right away , as it will go out of print very shortly. Inside there's a copy of an e-mail sent from Bob Clic ( Lewd ) to Terry with a note from Bob Clic to us ( the people who bought the record ) about The Lewd and about the introduction by Dirk Dirksen. Good record and suprisingly good quality for a 1980 show. 9 stars (out of 10)
Reviewed by: Ponk
Fave Songs
Public Execution , Lewd Conduct , M-17 , Love For Hate , Kill Yourself

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