This is Damian (Zimz) who is the sexy lil fucker who scanned my pics fer me an' as much as he didn't want his name displayed - SUCK IT!!! Love ya buddy!

These are the sexy Alaskans. SiD , Rotten. & Molochi

This is that sexy lil grrrl Nat, purrrrrr!!!

This is Cannibal who is an extremely sexy an' kick arse person.

This is GROUSE Davie!!!

Other people who kick arse:-

Ange, Mr Bungle, Cat Spit, Chimps, Mr Ciccotelli, Damien, David, Deutchnepal, Divine Vamp, DogZ, Eatrocks, Mr Fink, Foundation, Iman, Impy, Jude, Katie, Locutus, Loki, Martyr, MaRv, Michael, Monique, Play, Pook, Satyr, Miss Spanky, Svperstar, Tim, Trent (who me loveZ very muchly **kisseZ**) Twig19, VampLadyJ, Wayne, Mr X.

If I've forgotten you then I'm sorry an' you have permission to kick my arse!!!

~*~..Just because you're paranoid ___ don't mean I'm not after you..~*~