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Brandon Lee's Final Resting Place
Welcome To Brandon Lee's Final Resting Place
January 1st, 2002 - Sides Already Chosen.....
Being told something is not happening and having an apology for it is one thing. Being told it isn't happening when it is and being lied to is another. Trust no one, there are all out to get you.
  • Fixed links on index.html under the home button on the crow section.
  • Fixed pickup greeting card links on Crow section
  • Fixed broken home gif images in the webmaster section
December 31st 2001 - Hugmanay
My first year in 3 years in Scotland for new years. Supposed to be in a party with Steve & Lucy, but it got cancelled. Then I was supposed to be in Hull with Rach, but that was a non starter too. So i'm sharing a seat with my ass and a whiskey with my folks. 
  • Downloaded some Crow themes for windows to add to the download section.
  • Downloaded some crow skins for various computer games to add to the downloads section
  • Downloaded crow winamp skins for the download section
  • Downloaded a crow icon pack for the download section
December 8th, 2001 - Piracy On The Net
I surfed about the net a little during my breaks in work and was extremely pissed off to find that another crow site has Devils Night Greeting cards..... using the exact same CGI script I used for my old gallery! Now I look like a mere counterfeit when I was the original. Nothing is scared.
  • Spent time surfing for new gimmicks, I found a JavaScript version of pong, if I find a few more maybe I'll hang them on here for you all to play!
  • A lot of people ask me about my site, what I use, why I hate dream weaver etc so I am reincarnating my old Tools Of The Trade Page.
  • Corrected the Devils Night Greeting Card Pages once more. I hate anti linking scripts :(
December 4th, 2001 - Paying My Respects
I'm not a dates person, I'm not perfect, I'm not one for pictures of friends of family in my wallet or over my room and I'm not one for cards, all of the above were major factors in my relationships downfall. Nothing is trivial. Before we split I made a promise to remember dates and cards and times and everything, well even though it's over I feel I should remember this one, My girlfriend and I are not talking, so rather than send a card and break our vows of silence, I'll pay my respects here.
  • A special update today to remember the anniversary of Lucy's mothers death.
  • "My heart is always with you, no matter what you do, sail away sweet sister, always be I love with you" - Brian May
  • "Only when forgotten do the dead really die" - Davie
  • "The best way to remember someone and make them live on is to never stop loving them" - Brandon Lee
December 2nd, 2001 - You Can't Die From Insomnia tomorrow.. 
  • Trying to get my entire crow gallery and Brandon Lee gallery on the Devils Night Greeting Cards pages, a slow process.
  • Wrote Quiz Master, the new trivia script for #ThePit
  • Typed up some more questions to be added to the trivia bot for #ThePit
  • Added temporary 10 question JavaScript teaser trivia section
  • Created button for Trivia Link
  • Fixed some problems on the initial webmaster page
  • Fixed My Gallery pages links
December 1st, 2001 - You Can't Die From Insomnia
25 days to Xmas and single & restless for 53 days. Stats are cool =) . 
  • I'm a dumb ass, I missed the link to my promotion page
  • Created missing promotional link
  • Added guest book links and navigation
November 27th, 2001 - Tumblin' Down
I dropped a PC about 5 feet to the floor today in work. The case was all contorted and mangled, I guess that is what they get for fitting 18 machines on a trolley that has been built for 15!
  • Uploaded postcard images to Geoshitties, they work now!!!!
  • Added 2 more pictures to the new still under test Devils Night Greeting Cards for a choice of 4
  • Typed one of my more morbid poems to be added at a later date
  • Wrote a short story and passed to to a few friends for quality control :) If they think it's cool I'll have a new section up for my short stories
  • Registered #ThePit on, come chat with crow dwellers alike of just chat freaks like myself
  • Considered adding a 'sponsor' click type mechanism on the Devils Night Greetings Cards pages to get some extra banner impressions, a small price to pay for groovy greeting cards
  • Fixed the Mael download on the download page.
  • Installed a screen saver created, watch this space.....
  • Added 10 banner popup to the promotion page
  • Added Crow top 20 link to the promotion page
November 24th, 2001 - Train Keep On Rollin'
I am currently sitting writing a custom JavaScript that will enable me to squeeze a few extra banner impressions off of users who chose to download from my site! Also found out the new mobile phone I want Nokia 8310 is 200 :( guess I am not getting it then
  • JavaScript hell, writing popup window code
  • JavaScript Hell 2, re-writing the above code to be dynamic and easier to use.
  • Uploaded the site
  • Fixed webmaster links
  • Fixed missing crow buttons link
  • Major problems with  the greetings cards
  • Fixed webmaster side link problem
  • Replaced old with new crow main page
  • Still bugs in crow nave bar GRRR.
  • Fixed Crow navbar bugs bugs
  • Fixed index.html link problem
  • Fixed Devils Night Greeting Cards only to find that angelfire's anti linking script shoots the whole script up :(. I am looking now for an alternate host for my postcard images.
November 23rd, 2001 - Up N' Runnin'
I got my new laptop yesterday and am currently building the software on it so I can code my web pages on the move!
  • Added promotion page
  • Added Top 20 crow sites link to promotion page
  • Loaded FrontPage 2000 onto my laptop and Office XP
  • Looked into a mailing list, not found one I like yet
November 18th, 2001 - Retail Therapy =)
Loaded Windows 2000 on my new PC, my burning software, modem drivers, AOL and super voice. The machine will replace this on later on tonight! 
  • Crow rumours page uploaded
  • Crow final script uploaded
  • Crow sound gallery up loaded
  • Added Side nav graphic for previously missed sound page
  • Added crow back stage info
  • Added crow chat room information page
  • Scowered net looking for more Brandon Lee images for the gallery and the postcards page
November 17th, 2001 - Devil In Disguise or Sympathy For The Devil? Ain't It Fun!
Satarday, hung over and listening to the Crow soundtrack. Doesn't say much for my mental state does it? A old school rocker listening to Elvis, The Stones and 'Goth' music.
  • Added ICQ Button
  • Crow first draft script up
  • Crow fuck ups online
  • Crow picture gallery uploaded
  • Crow quotes page uploaded
  • Added images to the relevant links above
November 16th, 2001 - Aint Dead Yet
Welcome back :) I'm drinking, it's the weekend an I might be buying a laptop tomorrow so i'm all happy. My new pc is built and just needing set up and it rocks so strap yourself in and brace yourself for a major update.
  • Brandon Lee section finished
  • Crow Navbar created
  • Crow Index page up
  • Added Xara Webstyle 2 button, thats what helped me create the nav bars
  • Added Div-X button, support MP3/Div-X, the big companies have had it their way too long. Fight back!
  • Crow cast page up
  • Crow cut scenes up
  • Crow downloads section up 
November 10th, 2001 - Terminal Insanity
You know, I hate this life. No matter what I think, say or do all I think of is my Ex Girlfriend. The more I try to hate her the more tormented I become and the more I realise I still love her in spite of what she's put me through. Life's a bitch
  • Added Frontpage logo, they used to have better ones (as did winamp) but I have not found any yet =)
  • Worked on some offline poetry, I'm not sure if the public will ever see this
  • I'm considering expanding on this website with some Fight Club or American History X pages. I may use them in a sub site. I am not sure
  • Added Paint Shop Pro logo
November 6th, 2001 - Backstabbing
My disintegrated relationship with my ex-girlfriend took a severe nose dive, she basically accused me of trying to start a campaign of hate against her and deliberately misleading her little brother to hate her. *shakes head*. Total bitch
  • Added Winamp link (support Winamp, Media player sucks)
  • Added Brandon Lee's biography
  • Signed up for 2 greeting card providers, am testing them
  • Added Free CGI button in preparation for the greeting cards section
  • Added send Devils Night Greeting Cards page, please not this is in testing and may not work with Angelfires ant linking stuff.
  • Added  pick up Devils Night Greeting Cards page
October 31st, 2001 - Halloween
Still trying out this new layout, 3 MAJOR bugs found and changed hence the time it is taking me to get it online and the removal of the Updates and Sections graphics.
  • Removed Section & Updates graphics they were shitting all over the new layout on long pages.
  • Added My Gallery sections
  • Added online friends list
  • Added offline friends list
  • Added friends mug shot gallery
  • Added My Poetry section
  • Made relevant changes to friends list, (IE No references to Lucy as my girlfriend) as well as the Lucy Collection dedication and a few otehr minor places.
  • Considering having a new chat room installed on I.R.C. called #ThePit which would have a entertainment trivia bot onboard. 
OCTOBER 30th, 2001 - Devils Night Re-launch
Welcome Back :). After spending a lot of time off my PC, in a new job (PC Research & Development) and on building my now failed relationship with my girlfriend I have decided it's time to get back in the saddle, back to the world that always wants me, back to the fans that send me over 100 mails a day about my site. Back to The City Of Angels, Hells Kitchen, New York. Back to my world, The Crow.
  • New Layout. My site is now split into 3 sections. One from Brandon, one for The Crow and the other for myself and my work.
  • Added the cascading style sheets to the page.
  • Added mock links to the Brandon Lee, The Crow and Webmaster section.
  • Added new counter
  • Added E.I.S. Banner Code (sorry)
  • Re-Aligned tables to be centered
  • Added E-mail Link
  • Added Web Link
  • Added Sections & Updates graphics
  • Added top nav bar
  • Added side nav bar
  • Current Pages online, Webmaster, My Quotes, Main Page

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