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Hi Kids

Elmo says, "Do you want to play?"

Coloring Pages

Animals Religious General Misc.
Farm Animals Very Nice Bible (Christian) Grandma's Pages Spring
Texas Animals w/ some sounds All God's Children (Christian) Crayola Space
Horses Chanukah Billy Boy Coloringbook Pages Holiday and Animal Coloring Pages
Personalized Coloring book

Littles Cartoons Parents

Make a personalized storybook

Magic School Bus


Pooh Corner - Some history for mom

Bugs wav files


Treasure Isle

Tom and Jerry - everything you wanted to know. See characters, pics, wavs, movies

Tom and Jerry wave files

Bananas in Pajamas

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission


Sesame Street Lyrics Archive

Be a Detective

Pink Panther

Kodak Playground - Make zoodles and more

Two Pooh pages

Wile E. Coyote

Sesame Street - has coloring pages and more

Flintstones - lotsa links here

Blues Clues

Dexter's Laboratory - Chris's

Dr. Seuss

Dexter's Laboratory - Maavwik's

Veggie Tales

D is for Dinosaur Kids Quest Fun Page
Explore the Scriptures
Book of Virtues Adventure Pages

Kosher Mouse House

Akhlah - The Jewish Children's Learning Network
Jewish Children International

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