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Little Descent

John Little Sr. came over to America from Scotland in the 1700s. He was married to a woman whose name was Isabella. John Sr. died in 1790.

Judge John Little Jr. (b.1712 d.late 1780s) married Mary Longstreet. They had seven children. This included Theophilus.

Theophilus Little (b.1744 d.1825) was a captain in the first regiment, Mammouth County, NJ from 1776 to 1781. Unsure about the date that he moved to PA, but he did marry a lady by the name of Mary (b.1748 d.1815). They had a son named Daniel Little and other children. Daniel (b.1771 d.1863) married a Nellie Conover.

Daniel and Nellie had a son named Thomas Laird Little (b.1829 d.1886)who married an Anne Mathilda Pennigton (b.1824 d.1907). Their daughter, Harriet Ellen, married Joseph Converse Edgar.