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Deshler Descent

The Deshler's were French Huguenots who were driven into Germany during the war of religion.

Captain David Deshler married Maria Wuster in 1711. He was aide-de-camp to Prince Louis of Baden during the war of the Spanish Succession.

His son, Adam, was naturalized in the united states(PA) during the 1770's. He married someone by the name of Appolonia.

Adam's son, Peter Deshler (b.1743 d.1800) married Magdalene Hickly (b.1746 d.1833) Their son, David (b.1773 d.1860) was married to Rachael Beaver (b.1779 d.1863)

David and Rachael had a son named Edward (b.1816 d.1888) who married Eliza Stewart (b.1815 d.1869) Their son was Charles Franklin Deshler MD (b.1843 d.1879), who was the Assistant Surgeon at Fort Monroe the last year of the civil war. After the war, he moved to New Jersey.

Charles became the second husband of Virginia Wyckoff (b.1837 d.1916). Her first husband was Tracy H. Harris. Charles and Virginia had a son, Charles Franklin II (b.1877 d.1947) who married Lydia Roe Hartshorne (b.1871 d.1966) They had two children. Charles Franklin III and Josephine Virgina. Josephine married James Clifton Edgar and Went on to become a female doctor.