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WHO:PACMAN a.k.a MistaMoss
HOBBIES:Producing, Creating Opportunities for others, Doing shit for the city
APPEARED ON: "GameDay", "Self-Made:The Limited Edition", "From Now...Until"
ABOUT HIM: Born in Roosevelt, Long Island, NY, PACMAN brings a bit of NY Confidence and determination along with attitude to the SMR family which have proven to be his biggest asset along with the ability to produce some HOT tracks. "I listened to a lot of music as a kid. I would memorize all the words to the songs so making beats that are appealing to the ear was almost second nature to me...the first time i started messing with synthesizers and drum machines I was hooked, I couldn't stop messing with the buttons making them sounds come together" Introduced to this Rap Game in 1997 by Sir Chuck, I soaked it up something heavy and became one of the main contributors both musically and professionally for Self-Made Records"SMR is the music division of a larger umbrella company, C II IT Enterprises. Together our company has power and influence that extends beyond the rap music that you hear, way beyond." One of the more unpredictable and outgoing Self-Made Figgaz, his musical contributions can be heard throughout the "From Now...Until" album but he is quick to give credit to the others on our team "I might have gotten a lot of ink on "From Now...Until" production wise but our production team, Too Damn Much, works as a cohesive unit and everybody is gonna to get the opportunity to display his/her talents" With the popularity of songs like "Fetty", "The One", and "Ruthless" his penmanship is being noticed within various circles all though a MistaMoss album seems far off "Right now our company focus is on recording for the Street2Street mixtapes and 100 Proof's debut album. When Self-Made Records is a household name throughout the O-H ten then i might make a solo project. maybe...I just want to sell records and get respect, whether i get paid through the music or the words it doesn't matter"


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