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"I like them because they ain't just reppin' they side, they representen they city."
-From Guestbook

-"These ni&&as is for real "
-BuckShot of WGTO 107.7FM

"I can't wait for their new shit to drop"
-From Guestbook

After showing his rhyme potential on cuts like "44506" and "If It's Floating" from the "From Now...Until" album, Suge has been looking forward to bringing his high energy flow to some more Self-Made tracks and also doing a lot more work behind the boards. more
100 Proof
Destined to be a success and bound to drop a whole lotta lyrical heat for SMR in the near future. 100 Proof is one of the most talented young performers that anyone will ever come across. After a brief courting by other "labels" 100 Proof has come back to where his rap career first began to take shape. His metaphors cover situations from the street corner to the basement cyphers. Forget about the 9mm he used to carry wait till you hear the "Weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION" that he calls his PEN. The hip-hop purists who say that "g-rappers" ain't lyrically inclined have not heard 100 Proof on the mic..... more
The Brainz behing this whole thang. You see SIR CHUCK is what folks might call a genius, an innovator, a dope rhyme sayer. You can call it what you want but he asks that you don't forget that he is a business man FIRST a rapper SECOND. more
A contributing member of the dynamic in-house production team for the Undisputed Self-Made Records, Moss' exceptional verses on "From Now...Until" left some jaws dropped. His diverse mix of original funk brings a raw energy sound that only the members of the Undisputed Self-Made Records can tame. more
A consistent and strategic rhyme spitter, AL is driven by the fact that his lack of appearances at shows and on the cover on "From Now...Until" has created a unique "buzz" when it comes to his image and persona. more
LiL Crockett
K-9, although currently incarcerated, is hands down one of the BEST "gangsta" rappers out there.With his liquid Smooth Delivery and Detailed Descriptions of Life in the Streets he makes heads pay attention whenever he steps in front of that mic. discovered at the young age of 15, K-9's love for the streets eventually led to him catching a case. But we still holding it down for him, and when he touch down you can be sure that his SELF-MADE Chain & Charm will be waiting. more



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