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100 Proof WHO: 100 Proof
AGE: 18
HOBBIES: Writing, Promoting Self-Made™, Pursuing my Rap Career
ABOUT HIM: The future of Self-Made™ Records can be seen through the eyes of 100 Proof. The Youngest member of the SMR family, 100 weilds a vicious pen and pad. "I love rap music man...I'll listen to anything and anybody, I like east coast, west coast it don't matter to me I just love RAP and I want to excel at doing it" 100 Proof is going to be the one that everybody talks about because his word play is vicious and his talent is undeniable. He is always ready to record and is constantly working on his craft in an effort to remain the hottest lyricist on the streets "I'm still young so i got time to make this rap money and keep pushin independent. I want to be respected by everybody and i know that with these Self-Made™ beats it's gonna be almost impossible to deny me, once i start knocking." His solo release, tentatively called "Stone Cold Gentleman", will begin recording early "04". " After all that I've been through in my life I deserve the chance to shine...I'ts MY TIME!!!"


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