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my rarely updated homepage

You think everything's
well and good
til you look at me,
and you're shaken.

05/02/00 i have not updated this page in ages, nor is it likely i seriously will any time soon. i'll try, half-heartedly i suppose, to add some newer poems, and clean out dead links. we'll see what happens.

Come visit a sounding board I created called Sexuality etc. to talk about all the issues of being alive and sexual (human).

Alrighty, it's me, Beth. This is MY page, so within are my opinions and experiences. Some of it is hard to hear, and some of it I know a lot of people won't take seriously. But they're my beliefs. If you disagree, that's fine, but don't avoid things just because you don't want to hear them, that isn't helping anything. And if you don't want to help, then why are you here? PLEASE email me (at Hotmail) if you have any questions or thoughts for me, or if you are in a position to better educate me (I will approach things with an open mind if you do the same in entering this page).
Below you will find links to find out more about my personal story, and things I support, enjoy, or am interested in. I hope you enjoy your stay.

     Weather in Hell
how's it looking outside to you? i wish i knew, too.

guess what you do here...

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Amnesty International

i love music, and i LOVE CD101 ...they play all the best stuff you don't hear on any other station in columbus! (james, the clash, indigo girls, ani...)


Help Fight Domestic Abuse by looking into the purple ribbon campaign.

Join the for free speech!!

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This Freethought Ring web site is brought to you by Beth Ann.

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