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2003 World Series
Michael Aubrecht

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Vol.10 November/December 2003
The Highlander presents The BEST OF 2003

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Letter from the Editor - Michael Aubrecht Pinstripe Press

First, I want to thank every one of you - the writers, the artists, the photographers AND the readers for making the first year of The Highlander a complete success! I initially started this online newsletter to provide a free online forum for fans to share their talents with other baseball die-hards. However, since January, it has taken on a life of it's own while featuring the best in professional and amateur baseball commentary. The final 2003 double issue was originally planned to be a "celebration" with a special World Series theme, but soon after the Marlins surprise victory, I decided to do a "Best of 2003" instead. Over the last 6 months, our special "themed" designs have received a lot of compliments and we will be doing more for the 2004 season.

This issue however is all about the words...
YOUR words - as that's what makes The Highlander so special.

Reader Responses: One word: FANTASTIC. Your newsletter is amazing, professional, informative, and better than most sites that have huge staffs working for them. It is a pleasure to visit the site. Best wishes for your new Newsletter. It looks great and has a lot of original insight. I enjoyed the articles and added the site to my Favorites list. I spent 59 minutes at your site today. Thanks. It was wonderful. The Highlander looks great. Congratulations to all involved!

I have personally selected the top 9 articles that generated the most feedback in 2003 and posted them with links to their original issues as a Year In Review. The 10th is my recap of the 2003 World Series written for Baseball-Almanac. Many plans are in the works to take this online newsletter to the next level and I look forward to seeing what you will contribute next year. We are always looking for new talent as well so feel free to point your friends in our direction.

Have a great holiday and I'll see you next year!

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