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Changing The Game

Changing The Game

Many people find that the game of tennis needs to be changed. The biggest complaint people make is that the men's game moves too fast. This may be true. The serves are very fast and the points rarely go for more than a few shots. Today's players are stronger and have better equipment. Here are some of the arguments that people have put forth and some of the things people have suggested.

The argument that has had the most success is that the size of the ball should be changed. A new ball is in use recreationally. It is a bit bigger than the regular ball and that makes it go slower, especially on the serve.

Another proposition is to make the server stand farther back, but this would effectively end the serve and volley game, which is an important part of tennis.

Many people have said we should reline the courts and change the dimensions, but this is impossible because every court in the world would have to be change, costing a ridiculous amount of money and time. This is obviously no good.

There are suggestions to go back to old rackets, but why would anyone want to do that. The rackets of today are so much better. So it seems, it may be pretty tough to make the game better, but we should try. Tennis is getting boring and we need to change this trend.
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