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Our bodies don't lie- Martha Graham

Health and ballet go hand in hand because of the demands the ballet dancer gets from their body and because of the demands the

body gets from the dancer. Though a major part of staying healthy is what you eat and how you exercise a lot of health still comes from the inside,

the inside of you mind.


Though we hear the same basic things all the time somehow they never seem to get into our head enough to actually do them so below is a simple

checklist that will bring you to absolute perfection of health. Some of the things may seem meager but they all add up together to create

the healthy you. Try adopting one trait each day and at the end of 20 days you will be healthier than you have ever been.

  1. drink lots and lots of water

  2. drink black tea or green tea and defiantly no coffee

  3. don't eat junk food (you be a good judge)

  4. limit sugar intake

  5. exercise once a day (weather it be a short walk or a ballet class)

  6. get at least 8 hours of sleep

  7. limit TV and computer time (homework on computer is okay) to 1 hour max

  8. If you get stressed out meditate try it once a day when you get home

  9. take a multi vitamin everyday

  10. Wash your hands (you don't want to get sick)

  11. get fresh air; try at the very least 15 minutes a day but even that is a very little amount (leave windows open)

  12. veggies and fruits (think like a gorilla)

  13. take a couple of minutes each day to write in a journal and leave your mind healthy

  14. keep your environment (room) clean and comfortable

  15. read a good book or music every night take some time to do this and just relax in a healthy way

  16. pick a day; pick a de-stressing day once a week (Wednesday is good) where you just spend the night relaxing

  17. be social; make sure you are being active in the world.

  18. healthy imagination find out all about it

  19. cry: it makes the world seem better

  20. smile: it makes you live longer