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Healthy Imagination

Imagination is the dance of the mind

Everyday when you were a child you would wake up and as you went to get dressed you were a princess, that is why you put on the pink little skirt and sparkly necklace. When you went to go have breakfast you were a dog and that is why you made you mother let you lap up the milk out of a bowl. When you went to school you were a poor maid sitting through maid training lessons. Wherever you imagination brought you it made life one big fantasy and it was wonderful. Now that your life seems to have collapsed into a teenage nightmare doesn't mean you can't still have that 7 year old girl imagination and you will be very surprised at how much having it can change your life around. Just picture wake up tomorrow and you imagine yourself as a teenage girl in a ballet academy, you go downstairs for breakfast and have your fruit salad, then get dressed to go to school (choreography and dance history classes of course) wherever it is your imagination takes you it will turn you into a much healthier person and will turn you into anything that you imagine. Though the idea may sound kind of childlike you would be surprised at the tranquility it will give you.

Here are some ideas.

1. a mermaid (water drink lost of it)

2. a ballerina (graceful, healthy, perfect)

3. a fairy (natural, healthy, graceful, childlike)

4. a princess ( perfect, elegant, pampered, dainty)

5. a supermodel (healthy, gorgeous, perfect)