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~ The Phenomenal Women Of The Web Poem ~

By Nancy Imelda Schafer
founder of PWOTW


All women are diverse and complex as snowflakes.
Let no person ever be so narrow minded,
That they do not see the other's beauty and form
Because they think their own is the only pattern.

The challenge of the mind, bears the fruit of knowledge.
Reach high girls, and grow into strong women.
There are no bounds to learning - if the reach is constant and determined.
A women rich within herself, is a Phenomenal Women.



The graphic at the top of the page is a seal given to women and young women on the Internet with webpages of excellence. There is also a seal given to phenomenal men. These are not just awards, but a recognition of the rich diversity and limitlessness inherent in us all. I am so honored to have been given this seal and to be a part of this group.


You can visit PWOTW's webpage by following this link~



While there, please look for their Affirmation and Goodwill Seals, which you may take for your own website, or to send to friends
. I've chosen this Affirmation Seal for those who visit my site, to remind you of who you are~

It is also a link to the page where you can find other affirmations and statements which you may download.












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