(I will be adding awards consecutively as I receive them so as not to imply that any are of any greater value to me than the other. Every one of the awards here are uniquely special to me because they come from the heart and hands of uniquely special souls. Every one of them is a treasure and I feel so honored and blessed to have received them. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.










Ok, well, I only have one (lol!), but if I never get another award, I could never be more honored! If you'll follow the link to Tina's website, you'll see what I mean. To receive such a beautiful award by someone so amazingly gifted just has me speechless....well, almost :)



Tina's Award
Click Here to go to Tina's Website

Thank you again, dear Tina, and if I may say it one more time,
you'll never know how much this means to me
(are you tired of hearing that yet? :)



Well, here it is one day later, and I have my SECOND award,
thanks again to the sweetest angel in cyberspace.
Thank you, Tina -- dear, dear friend, for so enriching my life !



creative award



And after a dreary day, and a particularly horrendous subway commute,
I come home to find this beautiful award from my dear LOTH sister, Linda!

Linda's Award

Please be sure to visit her lovely site Here

Thank you again, dear Linda, for your thoughtfulness and for
bringing your touch of beauty to my little home here.



June 3, 2002~


I've just received the following awards from Love~Petals ~





They are both linked to her beautiful website. When you visit,
you will not only see her incredible artistic and poetic talent, you will
also see the loving tribute she has created for her son, Jay, the radiant soul
who graced this earth for much too short a time.
Thank you, dear friend, for these magnifiecent gifts, and for the shining light
you are in the world.






June 8, 2002 ~
I just received this amazing award from Harmony of Souls.
Thank you for this incredible honor, and for inviting me
into your loving family.


This award is linked to their site. You can also
visit my Harmony of Souls page here.







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