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Event Ideas For a youth run Camporee

By Scouterdoug

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Challenge Trophy Camporee Website
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WAIT! Please read me!
Several links are forwarding people to this event page. There are several other GREAT resource pages at this web site. A great camporee is more than just a collection of events. Please review the entire site and use the resourses wisely for the good of the scouting youth.

Scouter Doug

For the 1st CTC we had ~50 events. We increased the number of events each year and at the 4th CTC sponsored by our Council, we ran 210 events. In 2006 we increased the number to 250. Do not try to do too much at first. It takes time to build a large successful camporee. Update from 2010 - We ran 336 events this year.

This page contains hundreds of events that may be perfect for your weekend Camporee. The list includes events used at Camporee across North America and a few we developed locally. Several Displays may be added but note that not all display volunteers will show up for the Camporee for various reasons.
To build a camporee from scratch, pick events that have available equipment resources in your district and are easy to operate, to get the ball rolling.

The events at the Challenge Trophy Camporee consists of....

Team Building Events,
Educational Events,
Fun Events,
Scout's Own,
Demolition Drag Derby (3D).

The educational events teach the scouts. The idea is not to see what they already know, but to teach them. These include pioneering skills, orienteering, maps, outdoor and nature events, insect, mammal, rodent, reptile, bird, fresh water fish, and sea creature I.D. events, etc, etc.

With the current 250 events on the program card, we offer some great traditional scouting events combined with modern ones. Seven of the events on the event card are similar to those run at Brownsea Island by B.P. nearly 100 years ago. Can you pick which ones they are?
The patrol can only do approximately 35 events on the list, which means that they must choose the events they wish to do. The choices are excellent and literally, a patrol can return to the CTC for 5 years and never repeat the same event.
Most of the Educational Events in the beginning involved paperwork. To reduce paper / pens for these events, we made an answer sheet, place a thin piece of steel on the back, used a second sheet of blank paper for backing and laminated it. Small blank squares are next to the item, or question, for the answers. The scouts place a small round magnet with the corresponding ‘number’ or ‘letter’ answer. Purchase the small magnets at any craft store. This eliminated paper and pens for each event where applicable.

We separate the events into 6 to 8 event areas. The reason for the location selection is due to the physical environment limitations at each event area. The excel spreadsheet below is an example of how we split the events in their respected areas and to be a sign up sheet for adult and senior youth volunteers from attending troops. Check it out!

Event Areas used in 2003 at the 5th CTC

Next is an example of how we fit over 200 events on a single 14” x 4” punch card. On the excel spreadsheet below, there are several spreadsheets showing past and future CTC. The cars are two sided and on the opposite side where the card is punched, there is no relevant information that is lost by the holes made. The 7th CTC punch card will have 220 events listed on it. At the time this web page was written, we were about to edit the 6th CTC card for the 7th. See the example below.
Event Card Examples

2010 Update - We now use a moring card and an afternoon card becuase of the number of events we run.

Event Descriptions / Literature:
The event information (below)is on Excel spreadsheets. You may have to move the columns or rows a little to fit the info onto your printer. This is the format established years ago, and I must confess I would do it differently if time were a resource I have to spare.
In most cases, the event descriptions below consist of a single sheet of paper. Glue the event description to piece of white 67 lbs card stock. On the back is glued another sheet showing the event number with 9” tall digits. The three pieces glued together, then laminated to protect them from weather. The purpose of the number is show the scout patrol which number you are operating.

We plan to add pictures in the future. In the meantime, go to the Challenge Trophy Web Site to see pictures of events over the past 6 CTCs.

NOTE: Some of these events have "colorful names" that do not necessarily mean what they say. For example, Event #1 is TNT the Stump. We do not teach the scouts to use TNT. This event is a Team Drill where the youth must work together to carry several 8" metal pipe from one location to another with string and hooks.
All of our events were reviewed by the Insurance company rep. This may not occur in your area since it is not a requirement. Our rep did it because he was amazed to hear were planning to run 200 events. When he came to one of our Camporee meeting, we handed him the book of events, showed him pictures of events he questioned, and /or described in detail those we did not have pictures for. This entire review took less than one hour. We suggest you "be prepared" also. The event descriptions are shown below.
Events 1 to 10
Events 11 to 20
Events 21 to 30
Events 31 to 40
Events 41 to 50

Events 51 to 59
Events 60 to 69
Events 70 to 79
Events 80 to 89
Events 90 to 99

Events 100 to 109
Events 110 to 119
Events 120 to 129
Events 130 to 139
Events 140 to 149

Events 150 to 159
Events 160 to 169
Events 170 to 179
Events 180 to 189
Events 190 to 199

Events 200 to 210
Events 211 to 220
Events 221 to 230
Events 231 to 239
Events 240 to 250

Events 250 to 260
Events 261 to 270
Events 271 to 280
Events 281 to 290
Events 291 to 299

Events 300 to 310
Events 311 to 320
Events 321 to 330

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