----- TOUGH LOVE -----
Season 5, Episode 19

Buffy: Hey. Mom's dead, my sister's being stalked by a god with one lousy home perm, and now I'm dropping out of college. I don't think things could get much worse.
Professor: For all those keeping score, that's what's known as a "quotable line".

Glory: I suck---
Scabby Minion: Oh no, magnificently caffinated one! You're--
Glory: -- brains. (pause) Did you just call me caffinated?

Buffy: Alright. Thisis going to be one of our last Slayer-Watcher chats. Say something inspiring, will you?
Giles: Uhm... erm.. uh...
Buffy: Maybe you should just stick to acting all British.

Minion: How about DE-caffinated?
Glory: Backpedaling not going to make your stupidity clear up, puss-brain.

Glory: The key is... Tara!
Joss: Hee hee! I'm so smart. Teasing the audience by scaring them into thinking that Glory found out about Dawn!
Grip: Sir? Standing that close to the boom microphone might not be the best idea.

Buffy: I can be a strict adult! Grr! Argh!
Dawn: That's the Mutant Enemy Demon, dipstick.

Tara: Toad brain!
Willow: Stuttering freak!
Xander: They really have to work on those 'Lover's Spats'.

Glory: Guess what? I suck--
Tara: You are so caffinated.
Glory: -- brains. (pause) Will you guys stop with that already?

Tara: OWIE!! Whoa.. bye-bye brain... Groovy!
Willow: Shouldn't she be much more crazy person, and much less, uh, hippie?
Buffy: Mom, Drusilla... insanity has been overdone this season. It's practically passe`!
Xander: Haven't we done the spaced-out acid trip girl too?
Buffy: Shut up.

Willow: Evil that has done me wrong.. hear this, my siren's song!
Glory: Who writes her material?

Buffy: You're so stupid!
Willow: What? I only ran into a hell god's lair with nothing to protect me with a few dark spells-- which now that you think about it, probably is supposed to foreshadow next season-- and risked getting killed. (pause) Alright, so when you put it that way...

Tara: Far out! Dawn looks like this psychadellic lava lamp!
Buffy: She's tripping. Ignore her.
Glory: My key!
Buffy: Gotta work on that lying thing.

Buffy: You're gonna believe the ramblings of a crazy person over me? Dawn is so not the key!
Glory: My insane brainless minions see the truth!
Buffy: How many hippies do you know that see clearly? I mean, without the technicolor vision and "Sgt. Pepper's" playing in their head, at least?

(The little Grr-Argh! demon hoolas across the screen...)

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