----- INTERVENTION -----
Season 5, Episode 18

Buffy: I feel all hard.
Spike: Ooo. Me too.
Buffy: I'll pretend that I didn't just understand the thinly-veiled double meaning of that sentance.

Buffy: This is the part where you run off to play with robot me, right?
Spike: Got it. Hey! You're not supoosed to know about that yet! Ruin my whole episode, why don't you?

Glory: The Slayer has my key! God, can't someone get me some new dialogue around here? This stuff's so old that it's getting moldy.

Giles: Mitsubishi Toyota Honda Jujubies Pepsi!
Buffy: This is the big sacred spell? My questing must now be deeply shamed.

Buffy: Hey. I know this place.
Camera Guy: Hot whipping sand and strange tribal primitive music any clue?
Buffy: AH! Another foreshadow from "Restless" comes to fruition! Thanks, Mitch!

Xander: NOOOOOOO! My mother wanted me to become a doctor! Her dreams were mine. And now that I have taken a life, she weeps the tears of a thousand dead Shamens.
Anya: What the---?
Xander: Shhh! I'm trying to find a nice dramatic dialogue way of impressing the Emmy voters here.

Buffy Bot: Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike....

Xander: Don Jose`. I must kill you to avenge the honor of my family. Do not resist my mafia wrath!
Spike: Stuff it, Emmy boot-licker.

Willow: Hi. You must be Buffy even if you don't really talk like her, act like her, or know things that she would know.
Buffy Bot: I love Spike. I've been programmed to do so. We have much fun in bed with various positions and---
Willow: May have to reevaluate my smartness level for this season. It's seriously slipping.

Buffy: Hey gang!
Buffy Bot: I love Spike. Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike, Spike....
Willow: Whoa. When did you get a twin sister? Yep. Definately have to talk about this brain thing to Joss. He seems to have forgotten to give me one this season.

Xander: That thing is a robot, damn you! How can you be so blind? Have you learned nothing from the tragic death of my Uncle's Aunt's twin stepsister June?
Buffy: Will you stop with the Emmy thing already?

Willow: A robot. A ROBOT?!
Giles: No, she's not slow, is she folks?
Willow: Working on correcting that with Joss.
Giles: Uh-huh.
Willow: Meh.

Willow: Buffy! Hu, I-it is you this time, right?
Buffy: You couldn't tell me from a robot? Best friend, my foot.
Willow: It's Joss' fault! Why doesn't anyone believe me?! I mean, I really try and---- Okay, I suck.

Xander: Isn't the world a strange and wonderful place? People pass through it, taking in nature's nectar and never truly grasping what it means to---

(The little Grr-Argh! demon does the funky chicken across the screen.)

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