----- THE BODY -----
Season 5, Episode 16

Buffy: See? He wanted it to be this big-- Wait. Didn't I do this last episode?
Joyce: (sits up) It's Joss trying to pack in a little more emotional whallop. Keep going, baby. You were almost reaching that traumatic level.
Buffy: Hey! Don't help. And... aren't you supposed to be playing dead?
Joyce: Ooops. (lays back down)

Dawn: Ooo. Christmas in the spring?
Xander: Buffy's having a flashback. Just deal.
Willow: And appreciate that this is going to be the last quick section of dialogue for, well, the rest of the episode.
Xander: What comes after this?
Willow: Big honkin' stretch of silence.

Buffy: MOM! Mom, mom! No... no...
Emmy Committee: Yawn.

Medic: She's cold. I'm sorry, but your mom's dead.
Old Fart Committee: Hmm. Who wants to watch that episode of ER and nominate them for everything even if they really don't deserve it this year?
Others: ME! ME!

Willow: Which color? T-the blue... *sob* Or the green, maybe...
Tara: Shhhh. It's alright. We won't be walking down the red carpet to accept the Emmy any time soon. Most any color works.

Anya: ...there's just a body, and I don't understand why she just can't get back in it.. and not be dead!
Humans: (break down and cry)
Emmy Farts: (they aren't human, you know) Who wants some KFC? Biscuits? Cole slaw?
Geek Boy Surfing the Web: Only if it's the Original Recipe. Barbecue gives me gas.

Xander: *PUNCH*
Anya: Come on, now. Don't blame the wall.
Willow: She's right. Blame the jerk Emmy guys.
Xander: Oh! Can I punch them then?
Anya: Probably not such a good idea. Then they won't be around to curse and smite next season.

Buffy: Everybody wants to help. I don't know if I'm... here.
Enema Committee: Ooo! Jeopardy's on!

Dawn: Big, scary morgue.
Token Vamp: Grrr! Hiss! Snarl!
Dawn: Do you mind? I'm morgue mourning here.

Buffy: Hey. This is new. Nude vampire. (giggles) I can't resist. Heya Free Willy!

Dawn: Is she... cold?
Humans: (cry for the best episode that they've ever seen)
Enema Constipation: Tape ran out. So what's next in the pile?

Head Cheese Enema: What did you all think of that episode?
Geek Guy: *GASP!*
Head Cheese: That good?
Geek Guy: Huh? Oh. Eh, s'pose it's okay... But I was actually referring to the Captain Tso's Chicken that we just ran out of.

(The little Grr-Argh! demon limbos across the screen.)

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