----- TRIANGLE -----
Season 5, Episode 11

Buffy: What would you think if I joined the convent? You know, the Slayin' Sister of Soul?
Buffy: Great. Even the nuns mock me.

Nun: I must warn you that you are liable to pick up some very bad 'habits'. Get it? "Habits?" HAHAHAHA!
Buffy: Forget I asked.

Buffy: Why did Riley have to go? He took everyone's favorite punching bag with him. I could really go for a Graham hit and pass out right now....

Buffy: I miss Riley. And you know something else? I miss Riley.
Dawn: Said that.
Buffy: I miss Riley some more, then.
Dawn: Yeesh. Mopey broken record Buffy alert. Where have you been since early Season 3?

Willow: Jerk!
Anya: Bigger jerk!
Xander: Didn't this happen last episode?
Tara: They start drinking and swaying to "We Are the Champions" and I may have to run screaming into the night.

Xander: What is it with you and the booze?
Spike: We need some kind of stereotype now that happy "Knock Me Over the Head and Watch Me Hit the Ground" Graham is gone.

Spike: Buffy! I'll protect you from the---
Troll: *THWAP*
Spike: *THUNK*
Buffy: Okay, so not quite as good as Graham, but nice try anyhow.

Anya: I hate you.
Willow: I hate you more!
Anya: Hmmm. Want some beer?

Xander: Ha! I'll stop you!
Troll: *THWAP*
Xander: *THUNK*
Anya: He's really gunning for the Graham Award, huh?
Xander: Ha! I'll stop you!
Troll: *THWAP*
Xander: *THUNK*
Willow: Ooo. Bonus points for repetative charging and falling.

Buffy: Olaf! You win the Graham Award! Come up here and make your acceptance speach!
Troll: Uhm, okay! I'd like to thank---
Troll: Urgh. Gurgle. *THUNK*
Buffy: Best death scene this season. (pause) Gurgle?

Giles: Somehow it sounds like everyone misses Graham more than Riley.
Buffy: How's that?
Giles: Well, he's been mentioned, what, six times this fiver?

Joyce: Dawn's not my daughter!? SHE'S NOT EVEN HUMAN!?!
Dawn: *GASP*
Joyce: Ooops. Glad that wasn't excessively loud. I mean, if Dawn had just happened to overhear us we might have all sorts of problems next episode....

(The little Grr-Argh! demon swims across the screen)

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