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Mr. Mike's Chevrolet Page

Hello, and welcome to my Chevrolet Caprice page. Here I will discuss- you guessed it- my Chevrolet Caprice. Youre so smart, lemme tell you. Anyway, its a 1989 sedan with a 305 cubic-inch V8 making 170 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 times vary , but its generally about 8 seconds. Hey, its 12 years old and has 175,000 original miles on the odo.

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As you can already tell, me likes the big Caprices and Impalas out there still running the American road. They'll be running for a long time yet, cause they're basically bulletproof. Just try to destroy these machines. They run forever. If you want to learn more about these great American sedans, here are some links to pique your interest.
The Chevrolet Caprice Message board
The Caprice Classic web ring
Upstate NY Impala SS club

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