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Mr. Mike's

Outrageous Page

Ciao, Paisan!

Hello, and welcome to my forum. This is where I'm to speak my mind, so I will shout intently. My name is Mr. Mike and I hail from the great metropolis that is New York City. All other places kneel before us. I like many things, such as movies, TV, cars, history and military history, computers, and people. I'm a great lover of food, but I also love to get my hands dirty under the hood. I went to the University of Scranton, and graduated with a B.S. in biology. I now practice dentistry at a wonderful northeast dental school, and I have a beautiful girlfriend here too who will definitely outshine me soon and become an Orthodontist ...say "ahhh". Yes, definitely, Vita e Bella!! (Life is Beautiful!!)

My always beautiful girlfriend Meg

I am evil Homer

JP and I at graduation, and at a party in May

Ive had some interesting work experiences in my short life. I worked as a cookware specialist, a librarian, a school custodian, and lastly a dental assistant. I wanted to work on cars but losing a finger in an engine would not be condusive to my career. Alot of college life was spent in the Jazz band and Symphonic band. It was a great pastime. Check out their link below or Click Here.

Some Homer-isms

-Where's Bart? His dinner's getting all cold and eaten.
-See you in Hell, candy boys!
-Couldn't you use a non-delicious fat? Ohhhhhhh....There is no such thing!
-So I'm not "in your face", huh? Well, you can cram it with walnuts, ugly!

Some Great Links

The University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
The University of Scranton Homepage
University of Scranton Bands and Singers
Car and Driver
Mets dot com
NY Giants Football
Model-Express (I highly reccommend this site for hobbyists)
Model Warships dot com
U.S.S. Intrepid Museum
Ebay dot com
NYC Transit Authority homepage
Bored dot com

Its good to be the king!

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"Tis only a flesh wound...I've had worse!" - The black Knight (Monty Python!)

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"No beer and no tv make Homer something-something"

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