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Grievance Form

The links above will help you investigate just about any grievance. National's website contains a wealth of resourses and it's all at your disposal. But if it's just a contractual issue then look it up in the JCAM (The Joint Contract Administration Manual)We have a direct link to it here so that you need not go fishing for it on National's site. If what you need is not on the National website then there's a pretty good chance it's a local issue. That's where you would need to check our Local Memorandum of Understanding (Local Agreement).

Another link is Branch 41's own Investigation Forms. Use these forms to leave a paper trail for any and all grievance activity. And if your going to pursue a grievance you will need the most currant 8190 (Grievance Form).

If you like you can go to National's link above where you can purchase your own Contract CD (currently the 2014 version) filled with resources. It comes in handy when you're not online.

Steward Tools

Settlements for your Review
Quick Grievance Guide
How to fill out a 8190
M-39 Handbook
M-41 Handbook
Material Reference System
ELM - Employee Labor Manual
Memo on Violence
2nd. Memo on Violence
FMLA Forms
Shop Steward Guide
Fax to Union
Forced Overtime Statement
Abusive Supervisor Report
Short Street Time - Possible Explanations
Overtime Tracking List
MSP Settlement
Overtime Desired List
OWCP Duty Status Report
Resignation Form
Special Orders
Stewards Rights
Time Extention

Postal News Sites

Postal Reporter
Postal Mag

Grievance Time Table
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