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Great Lakes Kitefliers Society
Of Western New York

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The first Niagara International Kite Festival will be held in October of 2005.  Check out this brand new festival coming to the Niagara Region.  Watch the Recent Announcements page for updates on this event as information becomes available.

     The Great Lakes Kitefliers Society would like to thank you for visiting our web site.  Please consider joining.  Membership dues are inexpensive and the benefits are many.  We welcome you with kites aloft.

     The kite has remained a remarkably versatile invention for over 3,000 years.  Uses for kites have included: carrying men, fishing, signaling, raising torpedoes to carriages, providing gunnery targets, and aerial photography.  At the turn of the century, the kite was an indispensable instrument for meteorologists.  Closer to home, a kite flying contest was used to land the first cable across the gorge at Niagara Falls.  This enabled  the construction of the first suspension bridge over the rapids.
     A renaissance in kite flying has spurred rapid growth of kite clubs, festivals, publications, and a renewed interest in the practical uses of kites.  Young children to the young at heart senior citizens enjoy kiting on a year round basis.  Some of our best events involve ice and winter winds.

     Our members share a wide variety of interests.  The single line kite fliers enjoy the quiet serenity and beauty of the outdoors and their kites. Two and four-line fliers enjoy the sport, speed and competition of maneuverable kites.  There are those that take great pride in making and flying their own handmade kites.  There are avid collectors who find a plethora of colors and designs available from kite makers around the world. 

     Whether you spend a couple dollars for a ready to fly plastic kite, or several hundred for a home-made specialty kite, all of us have one thing in common: the Love of Kite flying.  Join us as we all go "Tako-Kichi" (Japanese for "Kite-Crazy").

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