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Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library –

Submitted Information - Union Index - Union Officer Listing

Due to the nature of this research, few submissions are made for Union soldiers. However, this section needs some growth. Please use the Submission page to send in information on your Union ancestor who served their duty at Elmira.

While the background of the men listed below is varied, many of them share two things in common: they each had a part in the great human tragedy that is known as Elmira, and they were able to leave that experience behind and accomplish great things with their post-war lives.

This section of the Library will deal with the lives of the men who ran the camp at Elmira. It will focus on those who were involved in the camp on a day-to-day basis and on those who ran things from Washington.

colt01.jpg 150x217

Maj. Henry V. Colt
eastman01.jpg 150x232

Lt. Col. Seth Eastman
hoffman01.jpg 150x206

Col. William Hoffman
hoffman01.jpg 150x206

Lt. Col. Stephen Moore
sanger01.jpg 150x241

Maj. Eugene F. Sanger
Stanton01.jpg 150x220

Sec. Edwin M. Stanton
tracy01.jpg 150x228

Col. Benjamin F. Tracy