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Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library -
Submitted Information

Elmira Prison Camp - Submitted Information

One of the resources that makes the Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library valuable is the amount of information that has been submitted by readers. In this section, you will find letters, stories and an index of prisoners. Some of this information comes from my own research. Several of the documents are large and some have been published in other forms. Copyright belongs to the original holders and is specified where needed.

If you have information on a prisoner, please use the form below to submit information on your ancestor. It is not necessary that all sections be filled out but the more information you have the better submission you can make. (However, there is a limit of 3,200 characters in each field. If you get a size error, e-mail the information to me.)

Due to the time that it takes to run the site and the enormous amount of eimail that is received, I am not able to research specific individuals for you. The Links page has some good starting places for you. To post your thoughts on the Elmira Prison Camp OnLine Library, please visit the guestbook.

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