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More about "Cochlear Implants"

Comparing how the normal ear works and how the Cochlear Implant works

Viewing an animation on how hearing works

Where the National Association of the Deaf stands on Cochlear Implants

The PBS special documentary about Cochlear Implants "Sound and Fury"

Links to more about Cochlear Implants




There are numerous reasons why a Cochlear Implant is beneficial. For example:

  • A hearing person experiencing hearing lost late in life will now be able to live and function in the world they are accustomed to
  • When a Deaf child is implanted while he is still young and has access to language, he can be successful in the hearing world because he can learn to communicate to others using speech in addition to using American Sign Language
  • For the most part the operation is safe and one has nothing to lose by taking a chance in getting implanted with the Cochlear Implant