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The Sixth, Seventh, And Eighth Weeks

Well, I'm sorry I haven't updated in two weeks, again.  This will stop.  Really, I make my resolution to update this damn page whenever I have the chance.  Now, where were we?  Oh yes, the game.  Well, from what I have gathered, we have a hell of a show going on.  In Week 6, Dawn is kidnapped, and all Hell breaks loose in a way.  Much of the week was spent trying to figure out what to do.  Finding me was on the list, but we won't talk about my absences.  However, Week 7 gets even more fun.  Riley is back, so it seems that tradition of brining him back and killing him again and again...  But anyways, Darla takes Dawn to the bathroom and kidnaps her again.  This leaves Spike and Dru in the middle of an Initiative roundup.  Guess what, they escape, guess Uncle Sam just doesn't have anymore huh?  Meanwhile, Darla corrects her driving skills just enough to get Dawn to some sort of house, maybe a motel.  That's where week 7 leaves off, but Check out Week 8.

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