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"Chris! Hurry up! We're gonna be late!" shouted Jaime.

She was yelling to her best friend Chris Trousdale who was 16 years old with brown spiky hair.

"Coming!" Chris said as he got on the bus.
"I cant believe that Brian and Lou let me and the other girls come on this tour with you. This is so much fun!" Jaime squealed.
"Jeez Jaime. Calm down. We havent even left yet!" Chris said laughing.
"Hey guys. Wassup?" asked Jesse, a blond haired green eyed 14 year old.
"Hey Jess." said Jaime and Chris.
"Hey, are you guys psyched for the tour?" asked Matt, getting on the bus.

He was followed by Frankie and Greg. You see, the 5 guys were in a group called Dream Street. They were going on their first summer tour.

"Hey where's the girls?" Greg asked, looking around.
"They're in back putting all their crap away." Jaime replied.

Just then Laura, Stace and Ally came out from the back room where the 5 bunks were.

"Hey ladies!" Matt exclaimed as he went to give them a hug.
"Ewww, get away!" shouted Ally.
"And you said you were irresistable!" said Jesse, laughin and rolling on the floor.

Basically being immature.

"Ok guys. And girls. Lets hit the road!" said Brian as the rest of the crew boarded the tour bus.
"Wooohoo! Yeah!" said Jesse, jumping up and down.
"Jesse, you're so young." said Laura in mock disgust.
"I'm the same age as you!" Jesse replied.

But no one was listening. They were all excited as their summer began.

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