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About an hour later, the kids were starting to get bored.

"guys, im bored" whined frankie.
"yeah, lets do something" added laura.
"how bout a kareoke contest?" suggested greg.
"oh, like we dont know who'll win" stacey said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
"well, do you have any ideas?" he snapped back.
"actually, i do! how about truth or dare?" stace retorted.
"no way! that game is for 14 year olds!" said chris.
"well some of us happen to be 14 year olds!" yelled ally, pointing to herself, laura, & jesse.
"oh yeah, forgot" chris replied.
"well wut would you like to do, o mature one?" jaime asked chris sarcastically.
"how bout spin the bottle?" frankie suggested.
"ummm...ok" they all agreed.
"just a sec. girls, can i talk to you for a sec?" asked jaime.

the girls got up to go into the other room, but matt followed.

"umm, i said girls, matt. that does not include you"

the guys started cracking up as matts face turned bright red.

"uh, i knew that" matt said.
"sure. hey matt is there something you're not telling us?" jesse snickered.
"shut up mccartney!" matt said as he sat back down.

jaime & the girls, not including matt, left the room w/ the guys laughing behind them. when they were out of earshot, jaime said,

"spin the bottle? i dont wanna. i like jesse too much. if i had to kiss him i'd probably die!"
"i like him too, but i cant wait to kiss him!" laura exclaimed.
"wait, wut? since when do you like jesse? he's mine! or, he's gunna be. stay away from him laura! i mean it!" jaime said as she stormed out of the room & went back to the guys.
"well, i wanna play! i wanna kiss frankie!" ally said w/ a grin on her face.
"oooh, do i detect a little crush?" asked stace.
"thats an understaement" laura said, laughing.
"well, i love greg. and i wanna play. so lets go!" stace said.

her & the girls headed out the door, ready to play.

back in the room...

"alright, lets play!" said jaime hesitantly, "who has the bottle?"
"i do" chris answered, setting the bottle down.
"wait, lemme shut the door 1st. dont want the adults to see wut we're up too" greg said, getting up & closing the door.
"ok. i'll go 1st, since it was my idea" frankie said as he spun the bottle.

all the girls held their breath as it slowed down to a stop. it landed on laura. jaime smiled.

'ha! i least she wont kiss jesse 1st' jaime thought to herself

laura got up & kissed frankie. it lasted for about 15 seconds. ally glared at laura.

"ok, my turn!" chris said happily.

when the bottle stopped spinning, it had landed on jaime.

"uh-uh. no way! im not kissin you!" jaime said shaking her head.
"why not?" asked chris.
"cause you're like my best friend! it's too weird" jaime replied.
"well too bad. you have to" said matt.
"fine!" jaime sighed.

she leaned over to chris & their lips touched. but she pulled away after like 2 seconds!

"ok, i wanna go now" she said.

she spun the bottle and blushed when it landed on jesse.

"alright jess, come here" jaime said, slightly nervous.
"uhh---" jesse started, but jaime cut didnt give him a chance to finish.

she kissed him & at 1st jesse was surprised, but then he eased into it. when they pulled apart laura was staring at them angrily.

"wow! that was like a minute long!" greg said in amazement.
"yeah, well, ..... someone go" jesse said, trying to act cool.

but just then, they heard matt talking to himself.

"am i hot?" he whispered to no one in particular.
"ummm matt? why are you talking to yourself?" frankie asked, " no, why are you asking yourself if you're hot?"
"im not. im asking my watch" matt replied.

everyone exploded w/ laughter. only then did matt realize wut he said sounded completely weird.

"wut--the--hell?" ally asked in between breaths.
"im not dumb! really, im not!" matt defended himself, "my watch has a button that you press after you ask it a question & it gives you an answer"
"but you asked it if you were hot?" said jaime still laughing.
"ok! change of subject!" matt yelled, embarrased, "im tired. im gunna go to sleep"
"too late. we're here" said louie, coming into the room.
"where?" asked matt.

everyone started laughing again, even louie.

"the hotel, matt, the hotel" louie said shaking his head.

as they all got out & carried their luggage in the lobby, they grew pretty tired. they sat down & waited as the DS crew checked in and got the room #'s & keys. jesse sat down on one of the chairs & jaime was headed toward him. but laura saw & ran over & sat down next to him before jaime could. laura fake yawned.

"im tired." she said.

and w/ that, she fell asleep w/ her head on jesses shoulder.

"me too" jesse agreed

he put his head on lauras & also fell asleep. jaime was about to cry so she ran out of the lobby. "jaime, wait!" shouted ally, "hey where'd she go?"
"she grabbed the key to the girls room & headed up there" louie said walking over to ally & the others.
"wut floor & room?" ally asked him.
"uh, 7th floor. room 709" louie replied.
"thanx! laura, stace, lets go!" ally shouted at the girls.
"uhh, we'll get laura. you girls go ahead" greg said looking at a sleeping laura & jesse.
"k" ally said.

the girls ran off to comfort jaime.

"wut was all that about?" asked chris.
"well, duh dumbass! jaimes got it bad for jesse! and from the looks of it, so does laura!" said frankie.

chris looked disappointed. after everyone went to their rooms, they all went to sleep. but jaime couldnt fall asleep so she got up & walked around in the halls.

"jaime?" a voice called out.

it was chris.

"hey" jaime whispered back.
"wuts the matter?" he asked.
"jesse dont like me. he likes laura" she said quietly.
"well how do you know?" chris asked.
"i can tell. i mean, its obvious" laura replied.

chris didnt say anything. he just hugged her. as soon as he did that, jaime felt sparks.

'nah, i cant like chris! hes my best friend! i like jesse! dont i?' jaime thought to herself.

she suddenly forgot about jesse. all her thoughts were directed toward chris.

"thanx chris. i needed that" she sighed.
"no prob. thats wut friends are for" he replied smiling.

when he said 'friends' jaimes heart sank.

'oh great! he doesnt like me either!' she thought.

"ya. nite chris" jaime said as she sadly walked away.

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