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Citizens Against Animal Cruelty & Exploitation


Ben Stiller, & Chris Rock are to reported to be lined up to provide the voices for a new animated film. Madagascar is being made by the DreamWorks film studio, which produced this years smash hit Shrek. The film tells the story of four zoo animals sent back to their homeland by an animal rights group that feels they belong back in the wild. The ship taking them home capsizes and the animals find themselves in Madagascar. According to, the three stars are to take part in the new venture.

Pamela Lee Anderson narrates PETA's Leather Investigation video. For more information, visit

Alicia Silverstone says NO to leather! Vegan and animal rights supporter Alicia Silverstone has an animated series on Fox Family Channel. She is executive producer of "Braceface" and also is the voice behind 13-year-old Sharon, a vegetarian and animal lover. The episode of "Braceface" where Sharon becomes a vegetarian repeats: Fox Family Channel (US) Sat 10/13 - 10:30 am e/p The Meat of the Matter. For more info on "Braceface" and Alicia Silverstone go to:


Jenna Elfman & Thomas Gibson

Hollywood’s Viper Room and New York’s SPA nightclub are a long way from the Maryland basement apartment in which PETA began two decades ago, but they were the perfect venues for “the world’s most rock ’n’ roll charity” (as Chrissie Hynde calls PETA) to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Montel Williams

Chrissie threw a private party on the Sunset Strip, wowing her guests with songs she belted out with her band, The Pretenders. Celebrity celebrants included Dharma and Greg’s Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson, Bill Maher, Tobey Maguire, Mark McGrath, Shalom Harlow, Morrissey, Pamela Anderson, Marcus Schenkenberg, and Alicia Silverstone.

Mark McGrath

Judge Judy and her husband, Judge Sheindlin, both support The North Shore Animal League; volunteering time to encourage others to spay and neuter their pets, adopt from shelters, and they educate people on the connection between violence to animals and violence against humans. In one court case a young man kicked a relative's small dog in the head so hard that it went comatose. The dog had to be euthanasized. He had gone into a bedroom and the little dog followed him in, yapping. The yapping annoyed the guy so he kicked the dog. (The relative was suing the man for killing her pedigree dog). Judge Judy asked the guy's girlfriend and mother of his baby if she trusted such a violent man around the baby. The young mother said "Yes," but Judge Judy gave her a warning that anyone who violently attacks a helpless animal for yapping may do the same to a crying child.

Celebrities have hectic schedules memorizing scripts, keeping appointments with agents and studios, giving interviews, filming, leading social lives and maintaining a household, and yet they find the time to do something for animal rights. Can you find the time to help animals in your community?

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