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I was raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York. My father, brother, uncles, and brother-in-laws were all hunters. One of my uncles was a trapper. Being raised on a dairy farm I learned all aspects of the dairy industry. I worked on the farm milking cows, raising baby calves, dogs, cats and kittens. My uncle who was a trapper used to drown the kittens in a milk bucket of water as to not prevent over population. They were never educated on spaying and neutering. I was trained in birthing of the cows and assisted many times in bringing baby calves into the world. I was also trained in veternarian medicine learning how to give injections of penicillin for mastitis, and other antibiodicts. I also learned how to sew up cuts and adhesions on the tits from being cut from barb wire fences and brush out in the meadows and fields. I grew up on a diet of slaughtering our own cows for meat and deer meat. I had always loved animals and found it horrifying and barbaric when I watched the slaughter of a farm animal or a male baby calf taken away from it's mother to be taken to the auction the next day to be sold for veal. I used to go to the cattle auctions with my father. Seeing the cows being hit and prodded and tortured when they could hardly stand tore my heart out. At one point in my life after I grew older I would go to the cattle auctions and buy little baby jersey calfs with what little money I had just to save them from going to slaughter. I had an elderly gentlmen who had a loving heart and had a farm who let me keep the baby's at his farm where they would live their life in peace until they died.

I was member of the 4-H Club. I competed in horseshows, and barrel racing in the rodeo.

Eventually I became more aware of the cruelty and as circuses would come to town I wondered how I could get involved with people who I saw protesting. Eventually, about 10 years ago I met a person in IDA by the name of Ed Ashton. He helped me organize my first animal rights protest against a circus that came to my home town and became my animal rights mentor and teacher. From there I met Barbara Stagno also of IDA and Scott Wilson. I began going to animal rights meetings and watching video's and becoming educated in animal rights and vegetarianism. At that time I became a vegetarian. I became an active member of an organization called ROAR in which Barbara Stagno was President. Eventually I was asked to be a board member and then asked to be President when Barbara realized that she could only devote her full time to IDA. I was President for ROAR until I resigned with other members to start Citizens Against Animal Cruelty and Exploitation.

When I am not doing work for the animals I have a full-time career working in mental rehablitation. For 15 years I have been working with schizophrenics and manic depressives, etc. doing music therapy and activities. I have one daughter and live with rescued dogs and kitties.

CAACE is headquartered in Orange County, which is in southern New York State. We work to promote the rights of animals by actively opposing cruelty and exploitation. We work on many issues, including: companion animal overpopulation, factory farming, vivisection, sport hunting, wildlife exploitation, and animals exploited for entertainment and fashion.

CAACE's activities include public outreach through tabling and media contact, protests and demonstrations, legislative involvement, monthly membership meetings, quarterly newsletters, and working with other local and national groups.

WON'T YOU JOIN US? Lend your voice for those who cannot speak. Participate in working to end suffering and exploitation. Stay informed about local and national events. Meet others who share your sense of compassion.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good [people] do nothing." -- Edmund Burke.

If you'd like further information about CAACE, or to join, please click below to e-mail:

Molly Hamilton-Mann, President

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