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Here'sTwo Working Together Nice!
The Cost To Be In Both Comes Out To Zero!
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Thank you, once again, for you continued interest.
Well, this technique is based on two opportunities available on the internet today, each of which on their own will bring in some excellent money, but the two together are just dynamite and the cost to be in both of them comes out to ZERO.
So how does it work?
What you must do is join the first opportunity. They will give you ten dollars for joining and you will use this ten dollars to offset joining the second opportunity. Therefore, no cost to you at all and you will be in two excellent money making opportunities.
Well, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the commission checks like I am getting, then follow the steps below:
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3. Advertise these two opportunities as much as you can. They both have the ability to bring you in a considerable amount of money. There are a couple of ways that I promote them and I will tell you about that. Feel free to promote yours the same way and if I can be of any help, let me know.
3. One of the ways that I use, I call my Explosive FFAs. Click and go to My Explosive FFAs Page to see what this is all about. If you just came from there, great, it works. Feel free to use this technique or you can promote using another vehicle that I like, which I will discuss below.
Another effective way to promote is by using a free advertising service that is called Adland Pro Classifieds. Just click on the link to get to their site and put in either of the two ads below. One is for Resource-A-Day and the other one is for Che-Ching.
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When you post the above ads to a classified site:
All that you need to do is cut and paste.
Use the top bold line as your headline.
The classified text is everything else but the link.
Then, use your own link address in place of mine.
Post to the most popular categories for best results:
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You must also remember not to SPAM. It may get you a few sign ups in the short-term, but just a few complaints is enough to get your (and even your ISP's) mail cut off.
If, however, you decide not to join, please do bookmark this page in case you change your mind later.
In either case, I wish you every success.
Robert (e-mail me)

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