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Jeff's Expressways Site Photo Gallery:
The New York State Thomas E. Dewey Thruway I-87

I-87I-287Built during the 1950's as part of President Eisenhower's Interstate program, the NYS Thomas E Dewey Thruway runs from Buffalo on through Albany and down into the Bronx. It is officially named for the late Governer Dewey, who is best known as the man who brought down Lucky Luciano and fried Louis "Lepke" Buchalter in the 1930s and 40s. His namesake highway, however, is rarely referred to as the Dewey. To most everyone I know, it is simply the Thruway. This is despite the fact that it is not the only NYS Thruway. Officially speaking, both the Cross Westchester Expressway and New England Thruway are also New York State Thruways, but only the I-87 stretch running up to Buffalo is called such in the vernacular. Poor Dewey just couldn't win. Not only was he humiliated by President Truman in that famous "Dewey Wins" 1948 election, but he can't even get his memorial recognized by the common folk, who have always called the Thruway's southern appendage in the Bronx The Deegan (Named for Robert Moses buddy Major Deegan) as if doing so was the most natural thing to do.

I-87NYS Thruway I-87/I-287 Through Exit 9.
I-87NYS Thruway I-87/I-287 in Nyack.
I-87NYS Thruway I-87/I-287 in West Nyack.
I-87NYS Thruway I-87/I-287 Through Exit 13: Palisades Pkwy.
I-87NYS Thruway I-87/I-287 to Exit 15 - I-287 Split.

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