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Pico Plat


    The Pico is a small slate-gray and white coloured bird with a pink beak. The female of the species is a greenish brown and buff-brown coloured bird with a pink beak. The juveniles are coloured like the females but with black beaks. Taudao is the name given to a young name that is in the process of changing to adulthood. This process may take more than one molting season. I have seen this bird nest in grapefruit orchards in the south of Trinidad and Tobago. I have witness four different type of the species.

  1. Local Pico or Local Slate Gray Seedeater
  2. Venezuelan Pico or Vene
  3. Brazilian Slate Gray or Brazz Pico
  4. The Coloured Slate Gray Seedeater

To this day little Trinidadians know about this variety because it is rare to find one as far north east as Trinidad. It is common in Brazil and sometime get lost and fly with its cousins the Slate Gray Seedeater. I my self had own one and was surprised when I say it in the local pet shop. When I asked the owner what type of Pico it was, he said sometimes we get one of two of these strange looking Picos which he called the White Throated Pico. I first learned about this type from a website Below you will find a picture of the Coloured Slate Gray or White Throated Pico.

Male White Throated Pico
Female White Throated Pico