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Pico Plat
Twa Twa

    Birds are the masters of the sky. They glide and ride the warm air that raises from the earth both in the day and night. I was a young teenager when I was first introduced to birds. I was a fresh-water fish breeder at that time. For some reason I was fulfilled with the pleasant sounds of a common seed-eater. In Trinidad there are finch like birds that are common to the South America that have taken residence there; descendants of the species, these birds are known to most Trinidadians as the Local Pico. Pico-Plat is the Trini-name for the the South American Gray-Slate Seed-eater. They are commonly found in Venezuela, known as the Venezuelan Pico and in Guyana as the Singing Canary. A cross breed of this same bird can be found in Brazil and North Peru with the given Trini-name as Braz or Brazilian Pico Plat.

   The Bullfinch or Chung of Trinidad and Tobago is not of the finch family but is wrongfully name by the locals even to this day. Like the Pico the bullfinch covers a wide range of South America. Its a bird that resembles the European Bullfinch in its looks and most of its colours. It is known by two name in Guyana, one is the Twa-Twa and the second is the Bastard. This bird is prized for its song and can be quite expensive. Cost of these birds have reach the thousands in Trinidad and Tobago dollars. Prizes are high even in US dollars for just one of these birds.