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     Have you already read the whole web page but like to check back from time to time to see if there is anything new? Well now all you will have to do is come here to see if anything new has been added recently. Anytime something is added or updated it will be listed here along with a link to take you right to it. Just another way to try to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Bruce Ludemann Jr.

08/23/04 NEW ARTICLE -"Our Searches for missing are in big trouble."
I believe that searches for missing, lost or abducted persons is desperately in need of major changes.
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07/07/04 NEW ARTICLE -"On site dowsing search for an anchor."
Dowsing ~ Please look at this capable tool and see what it has to offer your search group.
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05/20/04 NEW ARTICLE -"Update on dowsing research."
More information on our dowsing research.
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12/07/03 NEW ARTICLE - "An open mind opens many doors."
A 600 year old procedure is now helping Law Enforcement break cases in the 21st century.
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08/18/03 NEW ARTICLE - "Direct and protect our dogs not execute them."
I would like to share some very serious thoughts and concerns with all Trail and Cadaver Dog Handlers (and others that want to listen).
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09/15/02 NEW ARTICLE - "Carbon Monoxide Study"
One of the very first things that I was told as a new dog handler was that carbon monoxide destroys scent. This is something all dog handlers back in the early 60’s appeared to agree upon. It has been a hand-me-down piece of information for over forty years that I’ve been aware of. ~ But is it true?
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09/15/02 NEW ARTICLE - "What Is Too Contaminated ?"
Those two words, “TOO CONTAMINATED” has haunted the scent dog world for over 50 years that I personally know of. In 1997 I started to do some research to try and understand how the dog dealt with this problem.
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09/15/02 NEW ARTICLE - "A Step Forward For Scent Evidence"
How long can you keep scent evidence? Two years?, five years?, seven years? ~ See what we found out from our research. It may just surprise you.
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05/05/02 2001 Cleopatra Award - "Scarlett"
Southern California law enforcement is mourning the loss of Scarlet the seven year old bloodhound who led her handler, Edward (Ted) Hamm, on more then 600 calls for service in the last five years. The statistics may not seem impressive until you realize that Ted and Scarlet were volunteers.
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05/03/02 NEW BIG T TRAINING AID - "Accellerant field kit "
A new method of training accellerant detection dogs.
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04/09/02 NEW ARTICLE - "Certification"
As it relates to Police working dogs Good or Bad. Usually upon presentation of a CERTIFICATE of certification the dog is accepted without further question.
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02/26/02 NEW PAGE - "Something To Think About"
over the years I found many things that dog trainers and handlers do that do not make sense to me at all. Read about: constant detailing, Looking up and The Power Of Conditioning.
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02/19/02 NEW PAGE - "Positive Pressure"
I would like to share a brand new procedure I have developed that I believe could save thousands of lives. It is called the "Positive Pressure Air Scent Transfer Procedure"
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12/30/01 NEW PAGE - "The Adventures of Bill Tolhurst"
This is a web page that was put together for Bill. It has some interesting stories about things Bill has done over the years. I hope to add some more in the upcoming months.
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12/01/01 NEW PAGE - "Glossary"
This is a web page that was put together that might be helpfull to some new handlers. It has some commonly used words and there definitions.
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