CAST OR WIND - When a hound picks up a scent or his quarry brought to him by the wind and not from the scent trail on the ground.

CIRCLING - Walking in a circle at a particular location to pick up the scent of the trail.

COLD TRAIL - A trail where the scent is very faint or old in time.

FIND - When the dog locates the subject he is trailing.

FIRED UP - Keeping the dog interested, excited and wanting to go.

GUN SHY - To be afraid of loud noises, to cringe or cower at the sound of gunfire or explosions.

HARNESSES - (Martingale) - a harness that has a strap that goes between the front legs of the dog and continues into a "Y" up to the neck.(Breast Collar) - a harness with a strap that goes across the chest and back along the sides of the dog.

HOT TRAIL - A trail where the scent is strong and fresh.

IDENTIFICATION - The dog's method of pointing out the person trailed.

LINE UP - 1.) A number of subjects are lined up and the dog is prescented with the scent of one of the subjects and the dog goes to him and identifies him. 2.) A number of subjects are started from a given point and walked out some distance in a fan shape or like the spokes of a wheel. The dog is then pre-scented and taken across the trails and he identifies the trail and goes to the subject.

N.A.S.D.N. - North American Search Dog Network.

N.P.B.A. - National Police Bloodhound Association.

NEGATIVE TRAIL - This is when you scent a trail dog on a scent article of a person then take the dog to a place where that person has NEVER been. Scent the dog and watch his attitude and body English while he looks for a scent that is NOT there. Reward and praise him when he is through and then take him to a place where there is a fresh trail of the missing person and let him run the fresh trail and reward him again when he makes his find. Repeat this procedure and soon you will establish a pattern that the dog will give you when no scent is present.

OVERSHOOT - To go past the point where the trail turns.

PRAISE - To pet, hug and make a big fuss over the dog and support an act well done.

READ YOUR DOG - Knowing how to interpret different actions of your dog, what those actions mean and how they relate to the trail.

REWARD - The food given to the dog upon locating his quarry.

RUNNER - A person who lays trail and whose scent the dog follows.

SCENT - (Hot) - Short interval between laying the trail and starting the hound. (Cold) - Long period of time between the time the trail was laid and the hound was given the scent.

SCENT MATERIAL or SCENT ARTICAL - Anything that has been in physical contact with the subject you are looking for.

SELECTIVE TRAILER - A dog that is pre-scented on a particular scent and trails only that scent -- no other.

STARTING COMMAND - A word chosen to tell the dog to take scent and start trailing.

STAYING CLEAN - Means the dog follows only the scent he is given and will not switch to any other.

TACK - Harness, collar, leash and other equipment used on the hound for trailing.

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